Gijón is the largest and most cosmopolitan city in Asturias. Open to the Atlantic, where blue and green merge, the best of wild Asturias can be enjoyed without leaving the city. If you seek a more sophisticated environment, there is also a wide range of options for conferences and scientific meetings as well as for corporate events.

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Gijón brings together its more than two thousand years’ experience in hospitality and its drive towards the future, its permanent transformation, and its cutting-edge position in the Principality of Asturias. For example, you can choose between holding an event in a clock tower or having dinner under the largest elliptical dome in Europe. You can enjoy a cocktail party surrounded by sharks and penguins or take part in a cider-pouring contest. You can even select a Conference Hall among trees (and surrounded by squirrels).

What better backdrop to exchange ideas than a city that focuses on science, creativity, and innovation? Gijón’s “Knowledge Mile” is a research ecosystem in which 20,000 high-talent people, specialising in knowledge, meet every day, who in less than 20 years have been able to generate 25% of Asturias’s R+D+i, representing 6.95% of the region’s GDP.

What better location than one where you can do all types of activities in a beautiful, surprising protected natural landscape – just a five- or ten-minute walk away, or just half an hour or forty minutes away by car? The green areas in the city, which save time and money, make it possible to enjoy experiences and activities in such stunning and original venues as the Atlantic Botanic Garden (which is home to specimens that have been declared natural monuments and old-growth forests) and the Museum of the People of Asturias, which displays traditional rural buildings (such as hórreos, paneras, shepherds’ huts, and bowling alleys), and which, with its great wooded meadow, is highly suitable for events held outdoors or under a marquee.

Gijón contributes its own values to the reputation of the meetings that select it: Innovation and love of tradition, positive energy, the basic wisdom of those who maintain a Mediterranean, extroverted, cheerful, and creative lifestyle in Atlantic Europe, without forgetting about their commitment. Gijón has renewed its Biosphere World Urban Destination certificate, granted by the Institute for Responsible Tourism associated with UNESCO and the World Tourism Organisation. Thus it has been recognised for its care for the environment, its protection of its historical heritage and local traditions, its search for quality of life for citizens and visitors, and the advances in the city’s accessibility and its services.

It is a welcoming, human-size city, in which 270,000 people become involved to ensure that your meeting or event will be successful. At the same time, it offers infrastructures and services worthy of a metropolis, with huge flexibility and the professionalism of local service providers. Gijón is a surprising combination of quality and competitiveness.


City Name: Gijón
Organization: Gijón Convention Bureau
Address: Av. Dr. Fleming, 481
City: Gijón
Zipcode: 33203
Phone: (+34) 985 18 01 53


Name: Carolina García
Position: Coordinadora Gijón Convention Bureau


HOTELS (3, 4 & 5 stars)

Total Number of Hotels: 45
Total Number of Rooms: 2.202
Total Number of Beds: 4.292
Largest Meeting Room Capacity (theater): 500
Largest Meeting Room Capacity (cocktail): 1500



Total Number: 12


Capacity of the largest meeting room


Setting: Theater

Meeting Venues

Laboral Ciudad de la Cultura

Website | Mail
Number of Meeting Rooms: 16
Largest Meeting Room Capacity (theater): 1250
Largest Meeting Room Capacity (cocktail): 800

Palacio de Congresos

Website | Mail
Number of Meeting Rooms: 10
Largest Meeting Room Capacity (theater): 800
Largest Meeting Room Capacity (cocktail): 900

Special Venues

Acuario de Gijón

Website | Mail
Number of Meeting Rooms: 1
Largest Meeting Room Capacity (theater): 90
Largest Meeting Room Capacity (cocktail): 100

Llagar Casa Trabanco

Website | Mail
Number of Meeting Rooms: 2
Largest Meeting Room Capacity (theater): 0
Largest Meeting Room Capacity (cocktail): 160

Llagar de Castiello

Website | Mail
Number of Meeting Rooms: 3
Largest Meeting Room Capacity (theater): 0
Largest Meeting Room Capacity (cocktail): 1000

Museo del Ferrocarril

Website | Mail
Number of Meeting Rooms: 2
Largest Meeting Room Capacity (theater): 65
Largest Meeting Room Capacity (cocktail): 250

Museo del Pueblo de Asturias

Website | Mail
Number of Meeting Rooms: 3
Largest Meeting Room Capacity (theater): 50
Largest Meeting Room Capacity (cocktail): 450