Spain Convention Bureau

The SCB has been providing training, coordination, and advice for member destinations since 1984.

It provides its associates with services related to the organisation of training days, the coordination of market surveys, presentations and workshops in the markets of most interest, participation in the main international trade fairs in business tourism, coordination of presentations or fam trips to destinations, the provision to associates of all the online promotion tools, and cooperation in specific advertising campaigns.

These 63 destinations, distributed across Spain, have sufficient human and technical means to organise meetings and events for a minimum audience of 500 people.

It also organises, on a regular basis, international promotion activities with the Spanish Tourism Board (TURESPAÑA) and the respective Tourism Offices Abroad (OETs).


The Spain Convention Bureau serves local conference offices by liaising between them and event planning companies, both national and international.

Two of the main goals of the SCB are national and international promotion of the local entities and conference cities that constitute the “Spain Convention Bureau” brand and national and international advertising of its members’ joint publications and actions.


The SCB works on a regular basis to ensure that there is close cooperation among its associates, through the exchange of good practices and information about past or future events, experiences, ideas, studies, and publications related to congresses, conferences, and incentives travel.

The SCB collaborates and cooperates with Public Administrations, associations, and sectoral institutions to define strategic goals and a comprehensive policy for meeting tourism.


The SCB provides companies and associations with advice on the most suitable locations to plan and organise meetings, conferences, presentations, and incentive trips.

The SCB, in collaboration with Turespaña and the OETs, organises annual presentations and workshops in international markets of interest for the associated destinations.


Professional training of tourism specialists, particularly those specialising in “meeting tourism”, through the organisation of courses and seminars.


Since 2000, the SCB has published an annual report on meeting tourism in Spain.

If you are interested in joining SCB, please send us an email.

Only local entities that meet the requirements given in the rules of operation of this network are eligible to be included in this section.