Gastronomy has become a new and powerful motivation to travel, and a key factor to achieve the satisfaction of participants in meetings and events.

For this reason, gastronomy is becoming a significant factor when deciding on the meeting destination, particularly for corporate meetings and incentives.

In the last decade, Spanish gastronomy has become one of the most renowned globally. Its international prestige continues to grow every day, on the basis of 3 key factors: it is a very healthy, imaginative, and varied cuisine.

The basis of our gastronomy is the Mediterranean Diet, whose key elements are olive oil, plant-based food, cereals, and fresh products and dairy – such as yoghurt and cheese.

The Gastronomy in Spain

In 2010, the Mediterranean Diet was declared an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO, as it is a healthy diet that respects the territory and its natural resources, working to preserve traditional activities and crafts associated with agriculture and fishing.