Gastronomic Tradition

Spain’s gastronomical culture is internationally renowned. Every region, city, and town has its own specific dishes and tapas, making the variety of flavours such that it always adapts to the visitor’s tastes. And always on the basis of an exceptional local produce.

Local recipes and dishes

Traditional Spanish dishes include paella (Valencia), cocido (Madrid), gazpacho (Andalusia), Basque hake (Basque Country), fabada (Asturias), calçots (Catalonia), and Spanish omelette (all over Spain). Each region has a wide range of local recipes and dishes based on local, seasonal produce.

tapas, pintxos and desserts

The culture of tapas and pintxos is one of the most distinctive features of Spanish gastronomy, which has set a global trend in recent decades.

There is also a wide range of different and delicious sweets and desserts, produced all over Spain.

Gastronomic markets and delicatessen

Many Spanish towns and cities have renovated old traditional markets, turning them into gastronomic centres where top quality gourmet products can be tasted.

Some examples are the Markets of San Miguel and San Antón (Madrid), La Bretxa (San Sebastián), and La Boquería (Barcelona).